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Pool and Spa Construction Course (PSCC) This online self-paced  course takes you through the APSP Builders Manual and gives you what you need to know to conform to industry standards. The course covers all types of pool and spa water feature construction, and reviews the construction process in detail from design to pool and spa start-up. Target Audience: The PSCC is for novice and experienced pool builders, as well as designers who need to know more about pool and spa construction. This course is an excellent preparation for the CBP Certified Building Professional® exam. Learning Objectives: After completing this course the student will have gained a strong understanding of safety, pool circulation, filtration, and water quality. Also learned about other important topics such as planning, project layout, excavation, electrical systems, pool structures and finishes, heaters and controls, and business practices. Earn a name for yourself in the pool industry as a builder in the know! How You Will Benefit: •       Advance your career and earn the in demand skills employers want. •       Become eligible to sit for the Certified Building Professional (CBP)  exam. •       Earn 24 CEUs. What You Get With The Course: •       Eight weeks access to the virtual course •       APSP Builders Manual •       APSP Pool and Spa Construction Workbook Course Outline: Safety •    Workplace Safety •    Chemical Safety •    Electrical safety •    Structural Safety Business Practices •    Business and Finance •    Insurance •    Loss Control Preliminary Planning and Layout •    Layout and Staking •    Pool Math  •    Project Layout Excavation •    Excavating Equipment •    Applicable OSHA Regulations •    Excavation Guidelines Circulation, Filtration and Hydraulics •    Circulation and Piping •    System Requirements •    Filtration •    Filter Types •    Using TDH Information  •    Turnover and flow rate Electrical  •    Basic Electric Circuit •    Electrical Code Requirements •    Pool and Spa Lighting  Basic Structures •    Working with Concrete and Related Materials •    Concrete Pool and Spa Structures •    Fiberglass pool construction •    Vinyl Liner Construction •    Aboveground/Onground Pool  Water Features •    Vanishing Edge Pools •    Perimeter Overflow Pools •    Fountains Deck Work  •    Concrete decks •    Non-concrete decks Coping, Tile and Interior Surfaces •    Coping, Tiling, Paint •    Interior Finishes for Concrete Pools Accessories •    Chemical feeders •    Dehumidying, Heating, Venting and Air Handling •    Pool and Spa Covers •    Fire Elements Start-up •    Basic Water Chemistry •    Informing Your Customers About Safety CEUs: 24 Course Fee: $599/member and $749/non-member. An additional $24 shipping and handling fee for the books will be charged.  Exam Information: To become certified as a CBP Certified Builders Professional®, you must have 5 years industry experience, have completed 24 CEUs in the past 3 years and take the CBP Exam. An additional registration form and $250 fee for the CBP exam is required. The CBP exam is 3 hours long, closed book exam with 150 multiple choice questions. You must score 75% or better to pass (answering at least 113 questions correctly).  Choose How to Take the Exam:  •    On a computer at a PSI computer testing center near you. Computer testing gives immediate test results and flexible time to take the exam.  •    At an APSP national, regional or chapter-sponsored testing event. A list of upcoming events can be found at APSPUniversity.org. You will receive your exam results by US Mail approximately 3 weeks after the exam.  Please contact APSP at apspuniversity@apsp.org or 703-838-0083 ext. 127 for additional information on the CBP exam and application process. Read More


Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) This dynamic course takes the student through the 13 chapters of the Professional Pool and Spa Operator Manual and give students what they need to know to conform to commercial sector standards. After completing this course the student will have gained a strong understanding of Safety, Basic Water Chemistry, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool and Spa Maintenance, and Water Quality; learned about other important topics such as, record keeping, basic pool math calculations, contamination procedures; water testing, and routine and preventive maintenance, and earned a name for yourself in the commercial pool industry.  Registrants for the course receive a copy of the APSP Professional Pool and Spa Manual. A physical address is required for shipment of materials.  Target Audience: The PPSO is a course for those new to the commercial pool and spa industry or are working as a commercial pool and spa operator and wish to gain their PPSO certification. This self-pace online course can be your initial action to earn the respected PPSO certification.   Students desiring to earn a PPSO certification via the Hybrid path, must: Complete the PPSO Self-Paced online course and present the Record of Achievement to the Instructor before beginning the in-person class, successfully complete the class, and Take and successfully pass the final certification exam. To locate a class and make arrangements with an instructor, to either attend the second day of a 2-day certification class, or a one-day PPSO Hybrid Class, visit http://apsp.org/ppsocourses Read More


The Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO) is responsible for the safety, health, and maintenance of the aquatic environment.  This includes the safety and health of the patrons as well as the staff working at the facility. As a Professional Pool and Spa Operator, you must be on the lookout for any potential problems which could result in accidents, injury, or health threats. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there are approximately 301 million swimming visits each year by persons over the age of six, making swimming the fourth most popular recreational activity in the U.S. Maintaining a commercial pool or spa in accordance with national, state and local standards can be difficult and this manual was designed to help you with the operation of your facility. In the hotel/motel  industry it is not uncommon for the facility engineer to be designated as the responsible party for the care and operation of the pool and spa facility. But, to do this, he should be a certified Professional Pool & Spa Operator. This online training program will teach you the fundamental information needed to be a successful pool operator. It is also the first step in obtaining your PPSO certification. Upon completion of the online course, student must attend a one-day class with a certified PPSO instructor to complete their training. Read More


Pool and Spa Inspection Learn the fundamentals of being a pool inspector in this virtual course. You will learn exactly how to inspect a pool and how to complete a home inspection report. This self-paced course includes the most up-to-date material on troubleshooting safety issues and industry standards for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools.  Instructor will cover: tile and coping, pool decking, manual and automatic pool covers, and pool plumbing standards (including skimmers, drains, and cleaning systems).  Additional time will be spent on safety issues, including: major drains and drain equipment, plaster, electrical issues, and bonding vs. grounding.  Fence and barrier codes will be reviewed with a fresh and current perspective, as will trouble shooting for pumps, filters, heaters, blowers, sanitizers, cleaning systems and solar pool heating. Who Should Attend:  This course is valuable for anyone seeking become a pool and spa inspector.  Course Fee: $199/member and $249/non-member.  Read More

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